Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Better Bucket List

A few years ago I started poking around the edges of putting together a bucket list. Once I started to assemble one something did not feel right. I did not bother to give it much thought and set it aside until it was forgotten and became a distant memory.

Recently I decided to revisit the entire bucket list issue. I started to search around the internet for a list that made sense. I looked up bucket lists in every conceivable way I could think of, no matter how generic or esoteric they all seemed to be the same. Travel to an exotic destination, take a cruise, learn a language, adopt a positive attitude etc. These are all great things to do but they are not even close to what I had in mind.

I instinctively knew a couple of things. A bucket list should not cause you to spend money. A bucket list should not be what society thinks is good for you nor should it be something that bolsters your ego. A bucket list does not need to be life-changing but it should at the very least be life-enhancing. A good bucket list should cause you to think about how you are moving through life. Last and certainly not least a good bucket list is not just about you, a really good bucket list will take into consideration all the lives you touch during your journey.

The list is long but it is meant to be a reference list that people can pick and choose from and refer back when they feel the need.

The list

Listen To Your Intuition And Act On It

Find Things And People In Your Life To Be Thankful For

Confront Your Fear(s)

Think Deeply About Someone You Miss and Cry

Understand, If You Don't Ask the Answer Will Always Be NO

Channel Anger Into Something Positive

Think Hard About Your Hot Buttons Issues, Neutralize Them

Show Kindness To Someone Once A Day

Define What Happiness Means To You

Let Go Of One Toxic Issue In Your Life

Learn That Running Away Only Relocates Your Problems

Listen More, Speak Less

Sometimes The Best Response Is No Response At All

Evaluate My Life As If I Were Going To Die Tomorrow

Make Sustainability a Mindful Part of Your Life

Remove One Toxic Person From Your Life

Understand That You Are Not Always Right

Go One Full Day Without Using The Word I

Donate Time Not Money To A Charity

Apply The Laws Of Attraction to Everyday Life

Find Room For Forgiveness In Your Heart And Soul

Become Fully Aware

Don't Use Labels To Describe People

Momentum Counts, Do The Easy Things First

Make A Real Effort To Laugh

Tell Somebody You Love Them Everyday

Praise Someone Everyday

Ponder The Size Scope and Meaning of the Universe

Understand Saying NO Is OK

Understand What People Argue About Is Not The Real Issue

It Is OK To Be A Victim But Not Forever

Tell No Lies, No Matter How Small 

Stop Looking Back

Stop Watching The News

Understand That Wisdom Doesn't live on The Right or Left

Review The Mistakes In Your Life and Forgive Yourself

Understand That Happiness Is Not The End Goal Of Life

Help Others Even When It is A Burden

Look Inside Yourself For Truth, Stop Looking For Validation

Even When Life Seems Unfair, Always Take The High Road

Understand It's OK To Feel Down But Not Forever

Think About What It Means To Have A Soul

Make a Friend That Is 65+, Pick Their Brain About Life

Spend Some Time Thinking About The Afterlife

Think  About The Best Things That Happened in Your Life

To Meditate It Is Not Necessary To Be Still or Quiet

Choose Your Words Carefully

Be Present For Everything You Do and Say

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