Monday, December 21, 2015

If You See This On Your Finger or Toe See A Doctor Immediately

I had no idea you could get cancer in your fingernail or toenail bed. But it makes sense. Melanie Williams developed a black line on her fingernail. She had it for a several weeks before it started to change and spread. That’s when she really took note of it and went to a doctor. She was diagnosed with melanoma which is a deadly form of skin cancer. The nail has been removed along with half of her thumb, but she will be just fine. Some people lose the tip of their finger or more like Melanie, but that is better than losing your life. This developed in just a matter of weeks with Melanie and it moved incredibly fast. It’s a good thing she decided to go to a doctor when she did.
From American Overlook:
After a woman had her world rocked with a cancer diagnosis, she has turned to social media to spread awareness and encourage others to get any suspicious growths and marks on their bodies checked out as soon as possible.
Just weeks before her cancer diagnosis, Melanie Williams, 36, first noticed a strange dark spot appearing under her thumbnail.
She thought it was only a fungal infection or a wart. But she was about to have her entire world rocked.
The truth was much worse.
“Sadly not,” Williams posted on Facebook when she learned it wasn’t a wart but cancer.
If you have any strange marks or growths on your body, it is prudent to get them checked out immediately. Better safe than sorry when it comes to cancer. Cancer runs through many of our families. I’ve lost a lot of relatives to various forms of it. I’m just glad this woman caught it when she did and that it saved her life. It was a shock when she found out that it wasn’t a wart or a mole, but malignant cancer. Melanie wants to raise awareness and the photo of her thumb on Facebook has been shared over 120,000 times. Looks like she has accomplished that and more.

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