Monday, September 14, 2015

UFO Lands In Yard Of Southern California Home

Janet Olaffson hadn't even noticed the UFO that crash-landed in the front yard of her Chino Hills home when she heard a knock on her door.
It was sheriff's deputies.

"We ran out, and the police said don't go near it," she said, according CBS 5 San Francisco. "At that time they had got a call from the company that said it's a weather balloon."

Weather balloon — the default explanation for any unidentified flying object.

But the filmy fabric draped over Olaffson's palm tree like a silk of an off-course parachute was no weather balloon. It was a Loon Balloon, part of Project Loon, a Google research initiative.

Project Loon, a partnership between Mountain View-based Google and Sri Lanka, aims to deliver 3-G Internet access to the world's underdeveloped areas so that "Googling" will be possible anywhere.

The balloon was supposed to land nearby, according to Google.

Instead, it became a neighborhood curiosity drawing numerous amateur photographers for a couple of hours.

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