Monday, September 28, 2015

Very Unusual Genius Products For Everyday Use


Here at Awesome Inventions we come across so many genius and cool products or ideas that we think you'll simply love. You could be enjoying your lunch while on-the-go with the car swivel tray! Or how about a relaxing shower with an awesome color-changing LED shower head?! Amazing!

Coffee Cup Charger

coffee cup charger
Find it here: Coffee Cup Charger

Folding Scooter

Bike Lane Light

bike lane light
Find it here: Bike Lane Light

Folding Bike Bag

Turn Signal Bike Vest

turn signal bike vest
Find it here: Turn Signal Bike Vest

Lifting Wheelchair


Multi Tool iPhone 5 Case

multi tool iphone 5 caseFind it here: Multi Tool iPhone 5 Case

Panoramic Rear View Mirror

Panoramic Rear View Mirror

Shama Shades

Baby Shower Cap

baby shower cap
Find it here: Baby Shower Cap

Solar Powered Window Socket

solar powered window charger
Check out our full post on it: Solar Powered Window Socket

USB Car Charger Cradle

usb car charger cradle
Find it here: USB Car Charger Cradle

Floor Plan Light Switch

Broom Groomer

Broom groomer
Find it here: Broom Groomer

Carpet Alarm Clock

Sunken Trampoline

Smartphone Keyboard 

smartphone keyboard

Cord Identifiers

cord identifiers
Find it here: Cord Identifiers

Table Leg Plug Socket

table leg plug socket

Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

sneaker wash and dry bag
Find it here: Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

Edge Painting Tool

R2-D2 Coffee Maker

Lightsaber Toasting Knife

lightsaber toasting knife
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

LED Shower Head

led shower head
Find it here: LED Shower Head

Flat Mirror Touch Panel Keyboard

The Soft Rocker: Solar-Powered Rocking Lounger

Cuddle Mattress

Toilet Roll Air Freshener

Hidden Plug Socket

Car Swivel Tray

car swivel tray
Find it here: Car Swivel Tray

Whale Desktop Organizer

Friendly Dog Leash

labelled dog leash
Find it here: Friendly Dog Leash

La Vela End Table

DIY Ice Chest

old fridge ice chest

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