Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Have Been Pronouncing The Names Of These Places Wrong Your Entire Life

It happens to me quite often that people mispronounce the city where I’m from. Last time when this happened I was at my friend’s birthday party. After a couple of drinks a guy who I’ve never met approached me and asked ‘…and by the way, where are you from?’ I told him I’m from Budapest (boo-da-pesht). He immediately responded ‘Oh, that’s awesome! I heard amazing things about Budapest (boo-da-pest)’.
Honestly, what can be worse than pronouncing someone’s home city (or country!) wrong?

In this following list you can check out the 32 most often mispronounced places. How many did you get right?
1. Melbourne, Australia

2. Bangkok, Thailand

3. Beijing, China

4. Colorado

5. Colombia, South America

6. Carnegie Hall, New York

7. Budapest

8. Lafayette, Louisiana

9. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

10. Iraq

11. Dubai

12. Louisville, Kentucky

13. Brisbane, Australia

14. La Jolla, California

15. Helena, Montana

16. Pakistan

17. Reykjavik, Iceland

18. Niger

19. Kissimmee, Florida

20. Thames River, UK

21. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

22. Phuket, Thailand

23. Norfolk, Virginia

24. Tijuana

25. Worcestershire, UK

26. Qatar

27. Spokane, Washington

28. Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

29. Versailles, France

30. Yosemite

31. Worcester, Massachusetts

32. Montreal, Canada


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