Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stunning Video Of The Universe - Space Suite Concept

Space Suite Concept


I created the video above as a visual proof-of-concept for a project which relies heavily on space visuals. I wanted to demonstrate that compelling footage could be created quickly and easily by mining the impressive public access image libraries of NASA (and others) for stunning photography, and then bringing them to life with simple 3d ‘tricks’.

In addition to the libraries of NASA and ESA, some of the more striking imagery was created by Stephen van Vuuren, who meticulously stitched together thousands of raw images to use in his film 'In Saturn's Rings' (

The final project, which is being produced by Two Story Productions (, will air on BC's Knowledge Network (

I've posted a short breakdown of the project on my blog:

Music: "Nero" by Two Steps From Hell

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