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Ancient 'Magical' Amulet Discovered That Baffles Experts


There’s a 1,500 year old “magical” amulet that has peeked archaeologists interests. It’s certainly mysterious, but what makes this 6th century carving so magic?
It was originally unearthed back in 2011 in the ancient city of Nea Paphos in southwestern Cyprus during the first excavation of the month long Paphos Agora Project.
What’s so strange about this 1.4 inch amulet is that it bears a 59-letter inscription that can be read the same way backward and forward:
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.11.53 AM
 It’s written in Greek, so when translated to English the palindrome reads: “Yahweh is the bearer of the secret name, the lion of Re secure in his shrine.”ancient amulet
The other side of the amulet depicts an image of the mummified Osiris, god of the afterlife, death, life, and resurrection. Beside him is Harpocrates, the Greek god of silence. They are surrounded by a few animals, including a crocodile, a rooster and a snake. There is also a half-moon and a star in the sky. What do all these images have to do with one another?
Dr. Joachim Sliwa, a professor at Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Archaeology in Poland wrote in a paper describing the artifact.
“It is iconographically based on Egyptian sources, but these sources were not fully understood by the creator of the amulet. As a result, various misinterpretations and irregularities arise… we are dealing with considerable deviations from basic Egyptian iconographic concepts.”
Was the creator of this amulet simply confused by different Egyptian concepts? The images seem arbitrary beside each other but is there a deeper message behind these carvings?
Ewdoksia Papuci-Wladyka, The Jagiellonian University professor who led the team of archaeologists who made the discovery stated:
“Such amulets were used as good luck tokens to protect their owners from harm. This particular one suggests that Christian and pagan religions coexisted in Paphos in times of [the] amulet being in use.”
So what do you think?
Was the creator of this amulet just combining concepts within different religions? What are the animals symbolically depicting? Is there another message being portrayed through these images?
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