Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Will Be An Amazing Year for Stargazers and Astronomers

Researchers have revealed that a new set of astronomical events will be witnessed by sky watchers in 2015, similar to 2014 when a lot of memorable scenes were witnessed by the sky gazers. As soon as the New Year begins, Venus and Mercury return to evening skies.

The brightness of Jupiter is also likely to be stronger in the same month that it could trigger UFO reports. January 11 will bring Venus and Mercury to come closest to each other.

A tight triangle will also be formed by the moon with Mars and Venus on February 10. The moon will appear in front of Uranus next day, which would be the first occultation by the moon for the year.

A special mathematical day could be expected on March 14 as Pi Day is celebrated. The event is celebrated by mathematicians every 14th of March because of the approximate value of Pi set at 3.14. This year will be unique because the date lines up to 3-14-15 and the value of Pi will be rounded off to the nearest ten-thousandth, i.e. 3.1415.

A total solar eclipse will take place after Pi Day on March 20. It will, however, will be visible to ships on the Norwegian Sea, Svalbard and Faroe Islands. Another total solar eclipse will also be seen in the United Stated until August 21, 2017.

The first lunar eclipse will be seen in April 4, 2015, just before sunrise. People on the east coast will not be able to see it because the event will be occurring late in the morning. Those in the Midwest will be able to see the start of the eclipse while all of it would be visible to those in the Pacific Coast and mountain states.

The most visible lunar eclipse will take place on September 27. Shooting stars will also be visible around the Leonids from November 17-18 and the Geminids on December 13 and 14.

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