Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Spectacular Look At The Universe - Saturn Rings, Video

I believe that getting a handle on life and consciousness means you have to give thought to the universe. Not just the size and scope of the joint but whats in it, who and how was it created. Granted it is hard to wrap your mind around but you can chip away small bits of incredible wisdom each time you give it some thought. 

In Saturn's Rings have a new teaser for their incoming 4K IMAX grand tour of the Universe, made using millions of high definition photographs taken by telescopes and spacecraft. There are no 3D models in these videos. Just photos, animated by 67 volunteers from all over the world. There is no CGI (computer graphic imagery) in this film, it all the real thing!

This groundbreaking, non profit, all volunteer film has been a Herculean effort. It involves processing 50,000,000 galaxies. It is running a bit behind schedule but should be out around the end of the year.

The 2nd video below is a spoof on making the movie!

If you don't to put these on full screen your missing out!

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