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Hot Tech Stories and Trends For 2015

10 Business Breakthrough Technologies For 2015

While 2014 is almost over, many in the tech world are already looking to the future and to the new gadgets and technologies set to hit the market next year. Based on existing information, 2015 looks likely to be a big year for tech breakthroughs, particularly in the business world. While it’s unclear whether any of these gadgets will actually change the world, there’s no arguing that they’re some of the most highly anticipated new business technologies for the year ahead.

Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector

Travel presentations will be transformed in 2015, thanks to the world’s smallest projector. This tiny keychain projector eliminates the need to lug around heavy equipment or pay to have projection equipment delivered to a presentation site. This Sekonix DLP Keychain Projector works with smartphones, tablets, and PCs through a USB connection.

IBM’s 12-Atom Memory Storage

In today’s market, storing approximately one bit of data necessitates approximately 1 million magnetically charged atoms. However, IBM has just announced plans to completely change the memory storage game. Next year, the company to introduce a new system that can store the same amount of data using just 12 atoms. This means storage will be 100 times denser than it currently is on the hard disk drives. While success is still confined to the lab, IBM is hopes to bring a consumer product to market by late next year.

Apple iWatch

2015 is already expected to be the year of the iWatch. For months, rumors have been swirling about the device, its look, its capabilities—and, of course, its release date. Apple has still not confirmed whether the watch will be available late 2014 or into 2015, but it is clear that 2015 will have many embracing this new device.

Perfect for business professionals operating on the go, this lightweight, flexible smartwatch takes the power of the industry-changing iPhone and puts it right on the wrist of wearers of all types. Even with competitors having already released their own smart watches, the iWatch will obviously have access to all of the iPhone features, including Siri, many businesses can soon find even more ease of use when it comes to smartphone capabilities.

iTwin Connect

Next year is already expected to be a year of innovation. However, as more and more users continue to access the web, certain security concerns will also emerge. Fortunately for businesses today, the iTwin Connect will be the one tool they need to keep valuable company information safe while on the go. Working from hotels, airports and coffee shops is no longer a concern as this tiny device keeps information secure and even has a built-in VPN service that allows for file sharing.

Google Glass

No discussion of new technology is complete without Google Glass. While the product is still mostly in testing phases—only select “Explorers” have access to the product—by 2015, this gadget will be available to the masses.

For many businesses, this means access to a smart device that puts the web and countless smartphone features right in your vision as you see the world around you. From sales professionals, who can instantly see a client file by looking at a person, to factory workers who can access instructions right from their glasses, there is no limit to the capabilities of Google Glass. The only thing left to determine is just how different businesses will decide to make the most of this new piece of wearable technology.

The Enterprise Mobile Management Evolution

The Enterprise Mobile Management Evolution, also known as EMM, is a term that is being used to described the future convergence of different mobile management, security and support technologies. This includes mobile device management applications. This includes elements of enterprise file synchronization and sharing that will impact countless businesses today. New tools will be addressing a wide range of common mobile management needs and demands, across a variety of mobile devices including operating systems, tablets, and PCs.

Google Smartwatch

For those who aren’t sold on the idea of an iPhone watch, there is the Google Smartwatch. Many are already calling this new device, set to hit the masses in 2015, as the “entrepreneur’s best friend.” According to reports, the watch’s biggest must-have feature will be a deep integration with Google Now, an essential feature for busy small business owners looking for their own personal assistant.


When HTML 5 finally hits the market in 2015, it is set to become an essential technology for many organizations today. With this new system, web development tools will mature, as will the popularity of mobile Web and hybrid applications. Ultimately, business will be able to easily and quickly deliver applications across multiple platforms in a way never could before.

Windows 8 Start Menu

While many have been hoping that the Windows 8 Start Menu would make its official debut in 2014, reports have revealed that this highly anticipated feature won’t be making its way to computers until 2015. The revamped version of Windows 8 comes highly anticipated by businesses and individuals alike. After the original Windows 8 came with a collection of problems, Microsoft has been working diligently to deliver a new start menu that is both user-friendly, and designed with today’s businesses in mind. While previews of the new, sleek design have already hit the market, a full version won’t be available until next year. Once it has, the industry will finally see if Windows 8 can be fully accepted as the multi-faceted operating system it was originally promised to be.

New Wi-Fi Standards

While several gadgets and software programs will be making their way to the market in 2015, perhaps the most anticipated tech change of the future is the promise of new Wi-Fi standards. Emerging standards such as 802.11 ac, 11ad, and 11ah will be increasing Wi-Fi performance in 2015. New standards and performance speeds as well as demands on Wi-Fi infrastructure will increase along with the appearance of Wi-Fi enabled devices in today’s leading organizations. These changes aren’t just set for 2015 either, these improved standards will be introduced over the next three years.

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