Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Better Bucket List

A few years ago I started poking around the edges of putting together a bucket list. Once I started to assemble one something did not feel right. I did not bother to give it much thought and set it aside until it was forgotten and became a distant memory.

Recently I decided to revisit the entire bucket list issue. I started to search around the internet for a list that made sense. I looked up bucket lists in every conceivable way I could think of, no matter how generic or esoteric they all seemed to be the same. Travel to an exotic destination, take a cruise, learn a language, adopt a positive attitude etc. These are all great things to do but they are not even close to what I had in mind.

I instinctively knew a couple of things. A bucket list should not cause you to spend money. A bucket list should not be what society thinks is good for you nor should it be something that bolsters your ego. A bucket list does not need to be life-changing but it should at the very least be life-enhancing. A good bucket list should cause you to think about how you are moving through life. Last and certainly not least a good bucket list is not just about you, a really good bucket list will take into consideration all the lives you touch during your journey.

The list is long but it is meant to be a reference list that people can pick and choose from and refer back when they feel the need.

The list

Listen To Your Intuition And Act On It

Find Things And People In Your Life To Be Thankful For

Confront Your Fear(s)

Think Deeply About Someone You Miss and Cry

Understand, If You Don't Ask the Answer Will Always Be NO

Channel Anger Into Something Positive

Think Hard About Your Hot Buttons Issues, Neutralize Them

Show Kindness To Someone Once A Day

Define What Happiness Means To You

Let Go Of One Toxic Issue In Your Life

Learn That Running Away Only Relocates Your Problems

Listen More, Speak Less

Sometimes The Best Response Is No Response At All

Evaluate My Life As If I Were Going To Die Tomorrow

Make Sustainability a Mindful Part of Your Life

Remove One Toxic Person From Your Life

Understand That You Are Not Always Right

Go One Full Day Without Using The Word I

Donate Time Not Money To A Charity

Apply The Laws Of Attraction to Everyday Life

Find Room For Forgiveness In Your Heart And Soul

Become Fully Aware

Don't Use Labels To Describe People

Momentum Counts, Do The Easy Things First

Make A Real Effort To Laugh

Tell Somebody You Love Them Everyday

Praise Someone Everyday

Ponder The Size Scope and Meaning of the Universe

Understand Saying NO Is OK

Understand What People Argue About Is Not The Real Issue

It Is OK To Be A Victim But Not Forever

Tell No Lies, No Matter How Small 

Stop Looking Back

Stop Watching The News

Understand That Wisdom Doesn't live on The Right or Left

Review The Mistakes In Your Life and Forgive Yourself

Understand That Happiness Is Not The End Goal Of Life

Help Others Even When It is A Burden

Look Inside Yourself For Truth, Stop Looking For Validation

Even When Life Seems Unfair, Always Take The High Road

Understand It's OK To Feel Down But Not Forever

Think About What It Means To Have A Soul

Make a Friend That Is 65+, Pick Their Brain About Life

Spend Some Time Thinking About The Afterlife

Think  About The Best Things That Happened in Your Life

To Meditate It Is Not Necessary To Be Still or Quiet

Choose Your Words Carefully

Be Present For Everything You Do and Say

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Where Is The Internet Headed and What Can We Expect In The Future

Every human put on this planet has a dark side. It is generally held in check for our own benefit and the benefit of those that we are interacting with. The internet has launched every generation across the globe onto a platform where they can remain anonymous. Part of the intrigue of anonymity is that we can say things that we would never say in public. Take Twitter (just one example), it is a great tool for gathering and distributing information but it can also be a cesspool for humanity. Some will use it in a way that will immensely benefit them while others will use it as a means to unleash toxic, angry threatening behaviour. As with all things, some will be disturbed by it and never join in, others will be entertained for a while and move on but there will be a certain element of society that will find it intoxicating and wallow in for as long as they can.

The dark side of humanity is beginning to spill into the light, we clearly see this in today's politics. These lethal flames are being fueled by the mainstream media finally coming to grips with the fact that people are willing to act and interact on stories that are negative. The media has been telling the public that they are victims, victims of racism, global warming, gender bias, greed, corruption, inequality, war, poverty, religion. Many, I would even wager to say most people now believe that they truly are victims.

This toxicity that has been spoon-fed to the public shows up on the internet every day. People unleash their anger in the most inhospitable ways possible, particularly when they can remain anonymous. Every single person put on this planet can find a reason to be angry or to be called a victim over some sort of moral, ethical, illegal or even legal injustice. These deadly flames that have been lit and fanned by the media are a last gasp of air before they succumb to the electronic age of the internet. 

Many in the media have already succumbed to the fate of the electronic bullet while the rest are fiercely trying to change or survive. The mainstream media will be no more in a matter of years. In 5-7 years you won't be able to find them and if you do you won't recognize them. The internet will greatly expand and it will start including a lot of voice and facial recognition features. This will not kill off anonymity but will be the beginning of the end. The internet will move to some sort of grading system for news and web pages that people will start to trust. When more and more people start trusting the internet we will eventually hit a tipping point that will start to eliminate so much negative news. People have been wound up so tightly by today's media that it will take several years to unwind it back to the point of moderate civility.

People across the world want the truth and they are looking hard for it. Not just in politics and current events but they are curious about life, our existence, God and the afterlife. The internet will launch an age of critical thinking. Instant access to information that people can start to trust. The anonymous flame throwers will move back into the dark and the internet will emerge as a positive force for humankind.

Footnote: government intervention could change the course of the internet or drastically slow down its development. I don't think governments can stop the eventual outcome but they can delay it for decades.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

North Carolina Hockey Fans Are A Class Act

RALEIGH -  Last night the North Carolina Hurricanes lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins eliminating the "Canes" from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It was a home game filled to the rafters with fans wearing red and black. Saying the arena was loud would be a classic understatement. The Raleigh fans are a class act, showing love, respect and an above average hockey IQ for their beloved Hurricanes. 

In some cities when your team is eliminated from the playoffs they get booed. In many cities when your team is swept 4-0 in the third round of the playoffs they are castigated as villains with the fans looking for and assessing where to place the blame.

Not in Carolina, there was a rousing standing ovation for several minutes at the end of this losing struggle from all 19,772 Caniacs with the exception of a few Bruin fans. They were waving their trademark white towels telling the players and coaches that they were loved and appreciated. 

Outside of the arena on the way to the parking lot, fans were talking about tearing up at the end of the game and how they are already looking forward to next seasons opener.

The players, coaches and especially the Hurricane fans are all class acts. It is no wonder that James Taylor had Carolina on his mind every time he was away from the state.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Donald Trump’s Biggest Crime Was Winning The 2016 Election

For the crime of winning the 2016 election, the elites have pinned all manner of crimes on Trump, hoping something will stick.
Donald Trump’s biggest crime was winning the 2016 election. For our political and media elite in the Beltway, that was the catastrophic, unforgivable crime, from which all the other (imaginary) crimes they now pursue him for originated.
How dare he win that election? Didn’t he know the election belonged to Hillary Clinton, who’d been building up to this very moment for three decades, courting every relevant constituency, remembering every useful politician’s birthday, and being as banal as possible to check everyone’s “lesser political evil” box?
How dare he win the election on his very first try?  If you scratch the surface, jealousy is one of the driving emotions among Washington’s elite against Trump and his electoral success. He achieved what many career politicians would die and sell their souls multiple times for. And Trump did it seemingly casually, almost effortlessly. How dare he? He must have stolen the election!
How dare he win that election with a shoestring budget and a ramshackle campaign apparatus? How dare he win without an army of consultants, strategists, advisers, pollsters, and fancy data interpreters? Didn’t he understand that our elections are an excellent jobs program for thousands of political operatives and media types?
How dare he win the old-fashioned way: you know, by having a simple, direct message; recognizing heartland voters’ economic woes; and campaigning in that retail-politics way of his? Didn’t he know that 21st-century elections are now won with Big Data, microtargeting of voters, and media-hyped candidates?
How dare he lie and exaggerate in that crude, undisciplined way of his? Doesn’t he know that Washington likes their liars to be polished prevaricators who know how to couch their fabrications in think-tankese?
To add insult to injury, how dare he win by just saying what he (and millions of ordinary voters) thinks? That’s just not done. Didn’t he appreciate that Presidential Campaign-Speak is an art unto itself—something that has been focus-grouped, poll-tested, script-driven, platitude-filled, that’ll give no offense whatsoever to any identity group in America, and bores listeners to tears. How dare Trump riff offhand and entertain voters? The gall of the man!
How dare he say obvious, common-sense things like spending blood and treasure on Middle Eastern quagmires isn’t okay anymore, that America can’t afford to be the world’s security underwriter anymore, that our global trade deals have shafted American workers for too long? Who does he think he is?
Doesn’t he know that on the issues of the day, he needs to consult our over-credentialed, corrupt, and inefficient elites before he says anything?  And doesn’t he know that the solution to every issue in our politics is counter-intuitive now: Up is down, war is peace, more illegal immigration is good, and having a wall on our southern border is bad.
How dare he care about ordinary American workers in the Rust Belt? Doesn’t he know that we live in a global economy now, and those Americans are toast? Dang Trump for forcing us to pretend we care about those white working-class voters Democrats had snookered for so long. Thanks to Orange Man, we now have to cater to the very people we despise and who cling bitterly to their God, guns, and religion.
And for God’s sake, doesn’t he know that caring about one’s nation and its citizens is passé? It’s all global now! Pretend-caring in a vague, generalized, feel-good way about global citizens while getting richer off their cheap labor is the fashion now.
For all his flaws, Trump is the best thing to have happened to our ossified, corrupt national politics. He ripped the mask off our political and media establishments. His election victory exposed the empty-souled hypocrites in the establishments of both parties and the national media who shill for them. He is the much-needed human defibrillator to the American political system.
What our ruling elites used to have (and lost) after the 2016 election was a powerful sense of control over our politics. Like millions of voters who are outside the hardcore Democratic base, I’ve been enjoying the primal scream emanating from the ruling and media elite. I may not like or agree with everything Trump does, but the spectacle of jittery, grasping-at-anything-and-everything elites has been enjoyable to watch.
With his unpredictable, heterodox ways of policy-making and communicating to the masses, Trump has, in some ways, neutered the media elite. What we have been seeing for the last two-and-a-half years is nothing but revenge on steroids: For the crime of winning the 2016 election, the elites have pinned all manner of crimes on Trump, hoping something will stick.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

CNN Calls Democrat Behavior During SCOTUS Hearing A Clown Show

Democrats' clown show of outrage over Kavanaugh fools no one

(CNN)President Donald Trump's nomination of eminently qualified, mainstream conservative Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court -- combined with the predictable Democratic outrage machine -- has put red state Democratic US senators in a political box: side with their constituents or with the clown show that is the modern American left.
Scott Jennings
Trump's prime-time announcement of Kavanaugh's nomination on Monday was beautifully played by the White House. The name did not leak, leaving liberal picketers to make protest signs for multiple possible nominees. This made clear that protesters couldn't have cared less about the personnel, just that Donald Trump would be signing the nomination papers.
The protesters then ran Shannon Bream of Fox News off the street as she attempted to broadcast in front of the Supreme Court. The liberal group "Women's March" slammed Trump's nominee in a press release that left the actual name of the nominee with "xx," an embarrassing prewritten screed that would have gone out no matter who Trump picked.
    Shortly after the announcement, an editor for The Daily Beast tweeted an article with the message: "Forget abortion or same-sex marriage — contraception could be banned under Justice Kavanaugh." Within minutes of Trump's choice, the left-leaning media would have people running to the drugstore to hoard condoms and birth control pills like a Kentuckian stocking up on milk and bread at the first sign of snow flurries. The hysteria was in full bloom mere minutes after Trump's announcement.
    Not to be outdone, liberal actor Ron Perlman tweeted an implication that Kavanaugh would plunge the United States into either "Medieval Values" or "Shariah Law." Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe took it a step further, tweeting that Kavanaugh's nomination will "threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come." He did not address, however, how Americans who already died from tax cuts, (as one former Obama official threatened they would) or the United States pulling out of the Paris climate accords (a fatal mistake, as envisioned by a Vox writer), or the Obamacare repeal, (McAuliffe, once more) would perish again.
    I kid, but apparently these Democrats, in all their hyperbole, do not.
    You expect it from the more liberal corners of Hollywood and the Democratic Party, but NBC News joined the fray when reporters Leigh Ann Caldwell and Geoff Bennett tweeted Tuesday (and then Caldwell later deleted) an outrageous conspiracy theory that retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy and President Trump engaged "for months" in secret "negotiations" to rig the process for Kavanaugh, a former Kennedy clerk.
    Their "reporting" then set off a series of alarmist left-wing outrage tweets, which garnered thousands of retweets, as Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review pointed out, before corrective tweets from Caldwell landed as quietly as a church mouse. The tinfoil hats were out in force, as they have been since Kennedy announced his retirement. It is a near weekly occurrence during the Trump presidency; everyone sees the falsehood while few see the correction.
    With the resistance in full meltdown, the people who really matter -- US senators -- are now charged with evaluating Kavanaugh and rendering a decision on confirmation. Because Democrats foolishly shattered longstanding Senate traditions by weakening the Senate's filibuster power for judicial nominations in 2013, and then trying to filibuster Justice Neil Gorsuch in 2017, they are left to lie in a bed of irrelevance of their own making. As long as Republicans stick together, they can confirm Kavanaugh with a simple majority vote on the floor.
    The Democratic senators to watch hail from red states: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Claire McCaskill of Missouri. All are on the ballot this year, and all represent states Trump won easily in 2016. Their constituents, according to Republicans' internal polling, want Kavanaugh confirmed even as the left rages and demands resistance to all things -- and nominees -- born of Trump.
    These Democrats are in quite a pickle. Three of them voted for Gorsuch in 2017 and Kavanaugh is as (or more) qualified and similarly conservative. Voting against Kavanaugh would signal to the folks back home that their votes are now controlled by the left-wing partisans described above — not a good look during a re-election campaign in states where Trump remains popular.
    As long as Republican senators remain united, it is a safe bet Kavanaugh will get a handful of Democratic votes, making his lifetime appointment a bipartisan affair. For the red state Democrats, there's nothing to be gained from joining the loony left on this quixotic campaign, but there's much to lose by abandoning the desires of their center-right constituents who very much appreciate the President's qualified judicial appointments.

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    Saturday, February 24, 2018

    Has CNN Descended into Madness?

    The way Rush Limbaugh sees it, CNN has become so consumed by hatred of President Donald Trump that everyone at the network has full-on descended into madness.
    The conservative radio host began his Friday show by applauding Trump’s CPAC speech and saying once again that CNN’s town hall on the Parkland shooting was nothing but terrible, nasty, anti-gun mind control. After that, he turned his attention to a CNN piece published Thursday titled “Trump’s language on school shooter’s mental health could be harmful, experts say,” which asserts that Trump and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch are not helping discussions about mental health by calling the Parkland shooter names.
    “Are you kidding me?!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “So CNN in its literal, trashy, garbage existence has to tweet out last night – they are so poisoned and obsessed with hatred for Trump that they’re now coming to the defense of the shooter!”
    The way Rush Limbaugh sees it, CNN has become so consumed by hatred of President Donald Trump that everyone at the network has full-on descended into madness.
    The conservative radio host began his Friday show by applauding Trump’s CPAC speech and saying once again that CNN’s town hall on the Parkland shooting was nothing but terrible, nasty, anti-gun mind control. After that, he turned his attention to a CNN piece published Thursday titled “Trump’s language on school shooter’s mental health could be harmful, experts say,” which asserts that Trump and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch are not helping discussions about mental health by calling the Parkland shooter names.
    “Are you kidding me?!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “So CNN in its literal, trashy, garbage existence has to tweet out last night – they are so poisoned and obsessed with hatred for Trump that they’re now coming to the defense of the shooter!”
    As Limbaugh combed through the piece, he declared that “if anybody is mentally ill, it is the combined employment at CNN.”
    “We have a major news network which is on the verge of descending into its own mental illness, and it’s everybody that works there. It is an almost uncanny thing, and everybody that works there, there isn’t a single exception. I don’t care what time of day or night you watch CNN, you are being treated to entire, full-fledged, undiluted, raw delusionment. Unhinged mental illness is the only way to describe it.”
    Limbaugh concluded by accusing the network of not being angry with the shooter or the armed guard at Stoneman Douglas who failed to act during the massacre.

    CNN's coverage of President Trump for more than a year can best be described in this
    Mark Twain quote.


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